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It used to be that this page would be followed with a form, that would help you initiate a personal information access request with Facebook, with the general goal of making the democratic process on Facebook more intelligible.

Unfortunately, Facebook is heavily dragging their feet in answering those questions. We have therefore decided to pull the form, because we could not ensure a good enough quality of service. We hope to clarify the relevant legal matters soon, and to be able to offer that option again.

We welcome any question or feedback at contact@PersonalData.IO.

For more information on what this is about, you should probably read this first:


In short, the form that follows will help you demand from Facebook a copy of your personal data that is relevant in an election context.

Our service provider is TypeForm, a company subject to European data protection laws. All your communications with them are encrypted. No information is actually sent to us until you agree to the transfer, and we have engineered the service so that you don't actually need to transfer data to us.
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With this information, we will now show you a some prefilled content you can copy/paste and send to Facebook. It will most likely help if you send it from an account registered with Facebook, and include a picture of your ID (but try without that picture if you prefer!).

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To: datarequests@support.facebook.com

Dear Facebook,

My username is {{answer_60373914}}.
This is a request for some information collected about me since {{answer_60374464}}(the "relevant period").


The overall goal of my request is to ensure that, through access to my personal data, I would manage to render more intelligible to me how the democratic process materialises on Facebook. I would value this better understanding of election dynamics in order to empower myself to make better political decisions. I consider this goal to be of higher interest for both myself and the general public than Facebook's natural interest in its shareholders, and therefore find it a necessity to myself gain access to this data in order to gain the necessary level of transparency to match my goals.

Simply said, I wish to gain access to all the personal data held by Facebook that could potentially help me realise my objective of making more intelligible to me how the democratic process materialises on Facebook, independently from Facebook’s decisions on what transparency should be in that space.

While not restricting the scope in any way from the above, this request would in particular include:

1. Any point of my personal data held by Facebook linked to ads shown to me during the "relevant period": when was it shown (and similar information), how much time I spent looking at it (and similar information), who advertised (and similar information), how did the targeting take place (and similar information), why was it shown to me compared to other ads (and similar information), why was it shown to me compared to other content (and similar information), which Facebook products and tools were used to send and target this ad (and similar information), etc.

2. Any point of my personal data held by Facebook that was ever used by Facebook during the "relevant period" to target ads to me (and similar information). This would include for instance Lookalike Audience data.

3. Any point of my personal data held by Facebook that might indicate, during the "relevant period", the presence of some of my personal data (in the broadest sense) with advertisers on the platform (and similar information). This would include, for instance, tracking information held by Facebook that was never actually used for targeting purposes (Pixel data, Custom Audiences data, Lookalike Audience data, etc).

4. Any point of my personal data, such as a click or a view, held by Facebook that was (potentially) reshared at any point during the "relevant period" with an advertiser (and similar information). This would concern all advertisers, but particularly in this order: those not self-identified as political, yet detected by Facebook to post political ads, those self-identified as political, those not detected by Facebook as posting political ads.

5. Any point of my personal data held by Facebook relating to experiments conducted by Facebook during the "relevant period".

6. Any point of my personal data held about my viewing on Facebook of recorded or Live videos during the "relevant period", particularly about political topics or posted by accounts identified by Facebook as political.

Throughout the above, the word “held” should mean “held on any database controlled by Facebook and making an appearance in the 2012 Audit subcontracted by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, or, possibly, other databases, either missed by the audit at the time, or maintained by Facebook as further iteration of those 2012 databases or to develop new services”. This would include so-called User Databases, Hive, Haystack and Titan in the 2012 Audit. Newer databases have probably been developed since by Facebook for its newer services, such as Facebook Live. While this definition is extremely inclusive, it is meant to reflect the wide access Facebook would have on my personal data if it wanted to influence (or to enable others to influence) me (or my perception of others) within an election context.

In addition, for each of these requests about “any point of my personal data”, I make a second request for information about the “logic involved in the processing” of said data (or similarly refer to the “logic of the processing” if applicable in the relevant jurisdiction). Note that the right to information about the “logic of the processing” is distinct from the right to access, and generally envisions its own, distinct, set of exemptions (depending on applicable jurisdiction). Therefore, for each applicable jurisdiction, if you were to claim exemptions to either, I wish you to make clear separately which exemption you claim to the right of access and to the right to information about the "logic of the processing".

I understand that you might need additional information in order to find my data back in your systems. Beyond my username, should you need any data to answer my request (cookie values, Pixel outputs, user agent, etc), please tell me which. I might be able to provide this information to you.

In addition to the previous requests, and in line with the problem of identifying my personal data within your systems over time, I ask that you provide me with access to any pseudonymous identifier created and maintained by Facebook about me, my account, my face, my behaviours, my devices or similar. I make particular reference to the RIDs (“Replacement IDs”, mentioned in the Facebook 2012 Audit) that have been created at this stage by Facebook but have not yet been delinked through deletion of “assocs” (“associations”, see in the Facebook Audit).

Finally, I ask, under the right of access in current applicable data protection laws, for any information held by Facebook about which data points Facebook would consider to currently fall within the scope of Data Portability under the GDPR, i.e. data collected now or earlier that would be accessible under portability come May 2018.

The requests I am making here are purely legal. I do not rely on any moral or ethical ground to back them up.  I understand Facebook considers the consolidated Irish Data Protection Act 1988 to be applicable for all non-North American users (due to the Terms of Service being signed with the Irish subsidiary for all those users). I also understand that some countries, even European countries, contest this view. Please bear in mind my country of residence and travels in deciding on applicable data protection legislation.

I am particularly interested in applicability of the Privacy Shield and Safe Harbor instruments.

Note that all European instruments (including the Privacy Shield and Safe Harbor arrangements!) have a fairly homogeneous definition of personal data as (paraphrasing:) data relating to an identified or identifiable individual.

Please bear in mind that for each refusal or reduction of scope, I need a clear outline for each regulatory environment and each of data point of the legal reasoning for the refusal (with again a separate outline for the right to information about the “logic of the processing”). I need this in order to expedite the recourse process in each applicable jurisdiction (even those that Facebook does not consider applicable).

I also need separate timelines for each circumstance, in order to assess failure or success. I certainly understand this is a significant legal undertaking for Facebook  — if it was to refuse access  — but do not take Facebook to be too-big-to-comply-with-data-protection-laws.

I have no doubt that Facebook will claim many exemptions to restrict the scope of its response. For the purpose of narrowing these exemptions and accelerating the process of answering my requests, please consider https://medium.com/@pdehaye/dear-facebook-about-these-elections-b77d27be6736



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